About Life For All - Uganda NGO

The idea of Life For All comes from the simple belive, that everyone has a right to live a good life. Our founding members where so deeply touched by poverty of the people in some parts of Uganda, that they have been active since 2008. We support people, especially children in Uganda who have a very small or no chance to survive without help. We are convinced that when people get trained how to help themselves by using their individual talents, it will be a way out of trouble for many now and in the future. 


Believing in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we pass this knowledge and his promise.

However, the association represents no church but only the sign of love.

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 Babyclass, Middleclass, Topclass and Primary I

- free of charge -

two warm meals a day

clothes and schoolmaterial

...and love & care



We want to support people to become succesful in their talents and to improve their skills and open up their bussines.  

Therefor we give free workshops in different areas


It is our goal to always improve the standards for the people around us.

Our Cityplaner is working hand in hand with the town council of Bweyale to improve the standars


We thankfully received many donations through our Partners in Germany.

The donations will help us to extend our workshop program and to help the children in many different ways

For Example : Gospel Charity Concert Tour through germany